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Looking for new window treatments? With so many choices we know the prospect of shopping for them can be quite overwhelming. Here at The Blind Biz, we believe strongly that top quality service is the benchmark of our business.

With these trying financial times in Metro Detroit, we also understand that value and savings are very important to our customers.
The Blind Biz is the most competitively priced company around and we are able to be because we have:

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Warren Blinds Window Treatments

Galleries/Cellular Shades Custom Window Treatments Warren

Cellular Shades

Don’t be deceived by the pleated, lightweight material. Cellular shades are effective in lowering those electricity bills down through their honeycomb-shaped cells. These pockets exist in between layers of light-reflecting and insulating materials to trap air. The result is a difference in temperature that can be attested by a thermal scanner.

Cellular shades keep heat from escaping during cold months and keep the sunlight out during summer. And the double cellular shades do the job even better. These have the highest R-values (or insulation rate) amongst all window treatments.

Indeed, many have had these installed in their homes and tested them out for themselves. It’s amusing to see their reactions when they see the evidence for themselves.

But more than energy efficiency, cellular shades look great. Aside from the many color and pattern choices, the accordion-style covering is one of the modern designs that made the “top-down bottom-up” feature famous. When we present samples to our customers, we are often asked if these have that particular feature.

Our answer is always yes. Cellular shades are cleverly designed and efficient, making them the epitome of window treatment innovation.

Talk to us and know more about the cellular shades and if they’re the right choice for your space.

Galleries/Faux Wood Window Treatments Warren

Faux Wood

Faux wood blinds feature all the benefits of real wood and more. It’s known to resist moisture and scratches.

If you have real wood blinds around your house, faux wood would fit in nicely in the other rooms where there’s a lot of moisture. You would benefit from the continuity of the theme throughout the house, and guests won’t even know the difference.

The material for faux wood is usually PVC, a durable plastic that’s more affordable than real wood. It’s much heavier, though, so it’s not advisable to use faux wood blinds on windows where you need to retract often.

PVC has a heat limit, too. Constant exposure to temperatures above 130 deg Fahrenheit might result in warping, so this product is better used indoors. If you’re considering faux wood blinds, don’t forget to factor in the location of your windows and how much sun exposure they get during the hottest months of the year.

Regardless, a lot of customers are impressed by the look and price of faux wood. That’s why it’s one of the fastest-selling window treatments around. Their design versatility and functionality are so worth it for the price.

You may have questions about faux wood blinds. Don’t hesitate to ask us.

Galleries/Mini Blinds Window Treatments Warren

Mini Blinds

Another product that’s so versatile design-wise is the mini-blinds. This classic window treatment is what many homeowners are so familiar with. Proof of this is the many DIY methods of repairing, restringing, or replacing the slats on these window treatments over the years.

Mini blinds are made of aluminum, making them more durable than most other types of blinds. They’re also retractable, non-absorbent, scratch-resistant, and lightweight. All these features are what customers keep coming back to with metal Venetian blinds.

But there’s more to mini blinds than just the traditional benefits. If you’re eco-conscious, sustainability is one of the first things you look for when buying a product. You’ll be glad to know that these mini-blinds are made from 98% recycled aluminum.

They’re also manufactured in socially responsible workplaces that look out for their employees and community. These environmentally-conscious factories utilize less energy and carbon footprint by as much as 95%.

We practice what we preach. While we promote energy savings and light control in your space, we do the same for ours because we truly believe in it.

As we efficiently install these mini blinds systems for you, you become part of the movement that lives stylishly and beautifully green.

Galleries/Real Wood Custom Window Treatments Warren

Real Wood

Made with 100% responsibly sourced wood, real wood blinds are always in style—a real classic.

No doubt about it, people love real wood and try to look for the closest material if they can’t afford it. Wood is like jewelry, people are willing to pay extra to get the real thing.

It is also opaque for your complete privacy. With real wood, you won’t have to worry about shadows, outlines, or silhouettes showing outside.

Wood blinds are the best choice if you want your window treatments to match your furniture, trim, or cabinetry. It’s easiest to match stains and colors with real wood than with faux wood blinds.

The lightweight characteristic is ideal for larger applications. Wide windows and patio doors that need to be opened benefit from the easy retractability of these classic window coverings.

To complement these exquisite wood blinds, we also offer real wood cornices. Instead of a fabric valance, these cornices are solid and easier to clean. Plus, they’re lovingly handcrafted. They not only hide the blinds’ hardware but add much character to the whole room.

They go with almost any type of window treatment, too.

Contact us today and we’ll come to you bearing samples and pictures.

Galleries/Roller Shades Custom Window Treatments Warren

Roller Shades

You’re not going to get any simpler with the roller shade. An elaborate space may benefit from the contrast of the straight, modern look these window coverings have to offer. They are low-profile yet functional.

Simple and inexpensive, roller shades are undeniably effective against harmful UV rays. The lightweight material filters light yet repels heat and glare. All you’re left with is a soft, ambient glow.

Roller shades in neutral colors can make your windows look wider. It’s a great choice for opening up smaller spaces such as apartments or townhouses.

If you want to add some flair to the shade, we offer designer patterns, too. They come in opaque, semi-opaque, or room darkening fabrics.

Although roller shades can be mounted outside your window sill, they look their best on windows with deep jambs. This is to give your window a streamlined and neat look. You can also add a valance—an upholstered box to house the roller mechanism—to hide the roller mechanism. While many choose a valance that matches the shade, one technique you can try is to have a valance installed that matches your walls instead.

For more tips and tricks on how to optimize the look of the roller shade in your home, call us today.

Galleries/Roman Shades Custom Window Treatments Warren

Roman Shades

Some say roman shades are the less frilly, more contemporary version of the drapes. They are indeed more streamlined, but they can also be as whimsical and decorative.

So when choosing roman shades, fabric choice would be the most crucial decision. The heavier the fabric, the harder it would be to manipulate because of its rigidity. Fortunately, we have a virtually endless amount of choices of beautiful light to medium woven or non-woven fabrics, plus different kinds of folds.

From sheers to performance fabrics designed especially for durability, you will definitely find what suits your personality. Do you like basking in sunlight? Or are you more relaxed in a dark room?

If you can’t make your choice, take two with Duolite, a revolutionary two-in-one window covering. It employs two fabrics so you can have your pick of light control any time you want it. Both fabrics retract into only one roller mechanism, so don’t expect to see bulky hardware at the top half of your window with this product.

Most of our Duolite clients prefer the combination of sheer and room darkening. It makes guests think you had a makeover the next time they come around your place.

We’re excited to show you our samples.

Galleries/Sheer Vertical Custom Window Treatments Warren

Sheer Vertical

Functionality is the primary reason why you would go for sheer verticals. They are the best choice for sliding doors and expansive windows. They can even be used as room dividers.

These vertical blinds would slide sideways to open and close, and the noise is what a lot of people don’t want with these kinds of window treatments. But that’s not a problem with Cadence, Somner, Skyline, Luminette, and Vertical Solutions—quality vertical blinds and shades with a precisely engineered track system. What you get is a smooth and quiet operation every time.

Sheer verticals are not just curtains with a track; they have fabric vanes that can rotate up to 180° for complete privacy. This smart design is what allows you to control the amount of light in your home. And because these vanes are thicker than what’s usually found on horizontal blinds, they block light more effectively.

One of the best things about sheer verticals is the feelings they evoke. With the lightweight materials and neutral colors, there is that minimalist yet chic vibe. And that look depicting ‘less is more’ will never go out of style.

Check out the different sheer materials up close when we visit you for your free demo and estimate.

Galleries/Shutters Custom Window Treatments Warren


If you don’t believe plantation shutters would look great in this day and age, take a look at the pictures we have of clients who had them installed on their property.

Plantation shutters combine the traditional and the minimalist. They’re often found in Victorian or country homes but they can also complement modern homes through their clean lines and neutral shades. They don’t always have to be the color of wood. Whites, grays, creams, and taupes provide you with hues that veer away from the usual brown. You can even have them colored to match your furniture or interiors.

Consider plantation shutters for irregularly-shaped windows where other window treatments would look incompatible. They’re made to fit so they will never look awkward in those otherwise hidden window shapes.

Shutters are safe because they have no dangling cords or wands.

And yes, they’re fully customizable. You’re in full control by choosing not just the color but the size of the slats, the tilt, and the lift of the shutters. Choose where the hinges go and if you want handles and other controls. Now’s your chance to get what you’ve always wanted but couldn’t from other types of window treatments.

They are a major investment and they would take some time to get made especially for you.

Galleries/Vertical Blinds Custom Blinds Warren

Vertical Blinds

You’re probably thinking plain white vinyls.

Well, you’ll be surprised at how many choices there are when it comes to vertical blinds. Imagine not just beautiful solid colors but soft patterns and interesting textures as well. Some of these designs look more like drapery instead.

But the benefits of vinyl are still there: light blockage, moisture resistance, and sound absorption.

Vertical blinds come in aluminum, too. If you want the pearl finish and ease of maintenance they offer, we’ll be glad to install them for you. It also helps that we leave a 3-inch gap from the floor so they don’t gather dust.

Our brand of vertical blinds comes with a patented headrail design that will never snag or cause disruptive noise. The headrail also reduces light gaps between vanes so can enjoy privacy and room darkening when you need it.

Still not convinced? Here’s some help if you find it hard to decide between horizontal or vertical blinds: the size and shape of your window is the determining factor. Tall windows would need horizontal blinds, but wide and unusually bigger-sized windows would warrant the use of vertical blinds. These include bay windows, patio doors, and such.

Have us take a look at your windows and we’ll give you helpful and creative suggestions.

Galleries/Window Shadings Custom Window Treatments Warren

Window Shadings

Window shadings may look simple and you might want them for their functionality, but they can be conversational pieces, too.

The clever design of Silhouette window shadings always makes guests want to take a closer look. That’s because they’re not just blinds, they’re pieces of art. These luxurious blinds feature two layers of sheer fabric that effectively filter out light.

The S-shaped vanes can be considered engineering feats, too. What’s to marvel about is that something so simple and easy can be so functional, effective, and elegant.

Window shadings are on the pricier side of the scale, but everyone who has tried them thinks they’re worth it. We have many clients who specifically request the Silhouette to adorn the windows of their homes and offices. Some even take a step further and motorize their shades for a complete high-end look and feel.

Silhouette window shadings have the top down bottom up option, or they can retract completely and neatly into a compact headrail. But some don’t even want to as they enjoy looking at these lovely window coverings.

The Silhouette fits perfectly in a room with the Luminette. The latter is the vertical version and is best for sliding doors and patio entryways.

Galleries/Woven Wood Custom Window Treatments Warren

Woven Woods

If you’ve been watching celebrity home tours, you’ll notice that these high-income personalities always prefer a touch of the elements in their home.

Many, like them, who are looking for that naturalist feel will find the perfect match in Provenance—window coverings crafted from natural materials such as grass, reeds, wood, and bamboo. Each piece is handcrafted and unique, giving you a homely, organic vibe that brings you closer to Mother Earth.

And this is what said celebrities and successful people want: to be grounded in nature despite their busy and fast-paced lives. To them and you, home is zen.

Looking for sustainable products is part of the peaceful path. And you won’t be able to find more sustainable window treatments than Provenance. Despite using organic materials, it will be a while before these shades find themselves in a landfill as they are tough, durable, and effective in light filtration. These products feature the best materials and the finest craftsmanship.

Woven woods have several liner and opacity choices in its roster. All designs are tasteful and classy, and the product itself is GreenGuard-certified.

Love the light as it flows from room to room; love the shade as it flows with peace.

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Pete & Pat Wallon

Rich came out to give us a quote on window and door wall blinds. He gave us some great ideas on colors and made choosing the right blinds very easy. Rich was able to answer all of our questions. We ordered on the same day as the quote. The blinds were expected to be delivered on a Friday morning and Rich was going to install them that afternoon. Well, Rich found out that UPS was not going to deliver until 5 PM and called us. He was willing to come later that evening to install the blinds. We said we were in no hurry and they could wait until Monday. He asked it could install them on Sunday at 11 AM. He came out and did the installation ON a Sunday, now how many companies would go the extra mile for their customer? We are VERY happy with our blinds and would highly recommend Rich and The Blind Biz.

Crystal G.

I called the blind biz and requested to meet with Rich. He was able to accommodate me and come over within a few hrs of my phone call which worked awesome for me! He went over all options with me and prices and was very nice. After getting quotes from a few other competitors prior to meeting with Rich, I knew I loved what he had to offer and wanted to purchase from him. The cost was good and the product was good. I am a little sad I didn't go on yelp 1st and see the 20% off coupon that is offered lol but I thought the pricing was already a great offer so I'm still happy :) Rich even went over and above and hung up a curtain rod for me too that I had bought! :) I told Rich I needed my blinds by a certain date and he guaranteed I would receive them before that date. Not only did I receive them before the date I requested. It only took about 2 weeks!! I was shocked! It was very fast! I would highly recommend the blind biz to anyone looking to get blinds!

Ranae H.

We needed blinds for almost every window our new home. We chose The Blind Biz for a few reasons: 1) Rich was the nicest sales person we met with -- not pushy or salesy at all -- he was informative and helpful with his opinions/suggestions, 2) great options, and 3) great prices. Our house looks great and we'll definitely call on Rich again when the need arises. And we'll definitely recommend him to our friends and family. (He did NOT ask me to write this review. We were impressed with him and enjoyed working with him.)

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