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There’s nothing quite like the rich, warm lustrous look of wood blinds. But many times homeowners are uncomfortable selecting wood blinds for rooms where the temperature or humidity may be high or where blinds are exposed to the ultraviolet rays of direct sunlight. Alternative wood blinds have taken over the market. These blinds will not fade, warp or crack, which means they’re not only beautiful enough for the library; they’re practical enough for the kitchen.

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Practical Advice
The most popular blind we sell, these blinds are perfect for homes in subdivisions. Great for houses that are not interested in pulling the blinds up everyday but rather leaving them down and tilting open and closed, great for maintaining privacy but allowing some light in as well. Some drawbacks, blinds are heavy so not meant to be lifted everyday, not recommended for doorwall applications. Gorgeous with upgraded crown valances. Tapes can be added to these blinds for a little more flair as well as a routeless option which is more room darkening.
You can never go wrong with wood.  It’s classy, beautiful, and elegant.  Its warmth draws us in while embodying strength and timelessness.
There is a calming and soothing effect to guests and clients who venture into a home or office with wood in it.  Without wood, a space becomes clinical and rigid.  But with it, you are welcoming positive energy and trust.  
Faux wood blinds capture the look of authentic wood with designs that feature realistic grains, stains, and texture.  We have maple, oak, dark cherry, pecan, and other rich colors that look so natural.  Your guests won’t even know they’re faux wood.
We have smooth as well as textured wood grain finishes.  The textured slats are the embossed or sandblasted faux wood blinds that are both real to sight and touch.
We have black, brown, white, and gray faux wood blinds.  For the lighter colors, we have cream, linen, snow, pearl, and other varieties of white faux wood blinds.
No matter the color or stain you choose, faux wood blinds can effectively deflect heat and ensure privacy.
While real wood may bend or warp, faux wood window blinds won’t.  They’re made of high-density plastic that guarantees shape retention for many years.
And they won’t chip or peel so there’s no need to re-stain or recolor down the road.  This is because the tint and finish of the material won’t fade over time.  You only have to clean them.
Faux wood blinds are scratch, moisture, and humidity-resistant.  That makes them perfect for kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms where there’s a lot of exposure to steam or splashes.
Their heat-resistant characteristic repels more heat than real wood does.  
And they’re VOC-free.
With faux wood blinds, you get the best of both worlds: beauty and durability.  These traits make these window treatments one of the most practical in the market today.
Style For Any Budget
While faux wood blinds are tougher than real wood, they only cost a fraction of the price.
We’re sure you’ll find the best faux wood blinds style you’ll love from our wide variety of designs and colors that’s right for your budget.
You have the choice of different slat sizes including 1 inch and 2 inch faux wood blinds.  These will look perfectly proportioned with small to standard-sized or narrow-trimmed windows.  
We even have the 2.5 inch slats to match your large windows or sliding doors.
For control, you have the choice of a wand or corded faux wood blinds for pulling up or down, or tilting them shut for privacy.  You’ll be delighted that light leakage is maintained at a minimum when the blinds are closed.
Unlike old blind designs, the modern corded faux wood blinds can be pulled up or down without noise.
You can also opt for cordless faux wood blinds so you won’t have to deal with tangles and unsightly cords.  Dangling cords may present danger to young kids and pets.  
To operate cordless faux wood blinds, you’ll only need a nice, gentle push to lift or lower.  Down or stacked, the blinds are neat and beautiful.
When you notice unevenness in your cordless faux wood blinds, simply stack all of them up and pull them at your desired length.  You’ll find them back to level just like that.
If you’re looking for a different but classy look, cloth tapes are great accents for faux wood window blinds.  The cloth tapes cover route holes so even less light pass through.  These tapes can be replaced if they get dirty or if you want to change tape colors.
If you want route holes to be eliminated, routeless faux wood blinds are the trendy choice.  They’re designed to let less light pass through as well as tightly close when you tilt them shut.
Both of these characteristics mean better light control and more energy-efficiency.  You’ll appreciate these features more during those hot, sunny days.
Routeless faux wood blinds also have slats that can be removed individually for ease of cleaning.  But despite the ability to be removed, these slats won’t misalign or fall off like other blinds do.
And if you prefer a total blackout effect, we have light gap blockers for the sides of your windows.  This will give your room total darkness.  These are perfect for media rooms or conference rooms.  Or you may just need it because you’re a day sleeper and appreciate good, quality rest.
All models feature a valance or a front board to cover and protect the head rail.  This head rail is where the mechanism of the blinds is located.
You have the choice of valances for your faux wood blinds.  You can select the simple, straight valance, or you may want to choose the decorative variety to match your window trim.
Valances and bottom rails match the quality, color, and design of the faux wood blinds, so there’s no need to worry that they might discolor or warp over time.  Even with larger sizes, they will stay straight and uniformly colored.
As faux wood blinds are heavier than their real wood counterparts, large windows can be fitted with two or three blinds in a single railing for ease of operation and lighter weight of slats.
How To Clean Faux Wood Blinds
Cleaning faux wood blinds is easy because they’re made of PVC, vinyl, or a PVC-coated composite.  
Smooth slats are easier to clean than textured faux wood blinds.  To remove dirt, you can just dust the smooth slats
As they’re splash-proof, stubborn stains can be removed by wiping the slats with a damp cloth.  You can use soapy water for sticky dirt.
Dusting sprays are now available in the market.  Wiping your faux wood blinds with a little of this substance helps pick up dirt easier and will prevent dust from gathering on the slats for a longer time.  And they smell great, too.
You can even make your own home dusting solution using equal parts water and vinegar.  Not only is this effective and inexpensive, you’re getting rid of those nasty germs, too.
We’re all busy, and neglecting to clean your blinds might’ve allowed it to accumulate a thick layer of grime.  If you want a scrub-free hack, spray oven cleaners work great.  Simply take down the blind, spray all over the slats, wait a few minutes, and rinse with running water.  Your faux wood blinds will look just like how you bought them.  And what’s even better is that these spray products can be found at the dollar store.
For more tips and hacks, just ask Warren Blinds.
Warren Blinds For Faux Wood Blinds
Warren Blinds for Faux Wood Blinds
Despite the tutorials and instructions available, some people get their window measurements wrong.  Even cutting blinds is also a problem as the warranty goes out the window once you shorten the product yourself.

If you’ve seen negative product reviews of window treatments, you’ll notice that almost all of them have to do with DIY installation.  Having Warren Blinds install your custom faux wood blinds will save time, effort, and the possibility of scrapping parts or even the whole product.  

With Warren Blinds, you’ll never have the horrific experience of receiving a faux wood blind that’s improperly measured, is defective, or has missing parts, ill-fitting screws and bent brackets.  If you ordered online and opened a product that was crooked, damaged, or different than what you expected, you know exactly what we mean.

And you won’t have to suffer waiting for customer service to answer your queries, or get frustrated with trying to get replacements for months, only to be given the wrong instructions or told to purchase a corrective accessory.

Warren Blinds personnel are upfront.  We’ll show you samples of the product when we visit you with color, slat size, and texture choices.  And we’ll measure your window ourselves.  When we come back to install your order, you’ll find that our custom faux wood blinds are specifically cut to those measurements so you won’t have to adjust anything.

Part of the longevity of any product, including faux wood blinds, is their correct installation.

Warren Blinds guarantees correct, sturdy installation of your custom faux wood blinds whether your windows or doors are standard or not.  Let us handle your faux wood blinds installation and you can expect only level, stylish window treatments every single time.

Our professional installers are acquainted with different types of windows and sliding doors.  It doesn’t matter whether you want inside or outside mount faux wood blinds, we’ll make sure they fit and serve the purpose they were made for.  

Your windows will surely look great.

Call us today at (586) 250-0420 and find the best faux wood blinds for your space and budget.

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