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If traditional drapes just aren’t your style, and conventional window shades seem a bit tame, you’re the perfect candidate for roman window shadings. In an impressive display of beauty and function, these shadings use soft, overlapping fabric folds to turn an ordinary room into a space worthy of high praise. And because the fabric is specially designed to keep its shape, you’ll enjoy the refined appearance for the life of your shading. These shadings are available in a range of colors, from subdued classics to vibrant, contemporary hues.

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The first type of roman shade is a Vignette roman shade. The vignette shades roll into a head rail and have a white backing for a uniform look. These can either be up or down, there is no way to vary the light and one of the more expensive treatments, although much less expensive than custom draperies. These are truly one of the most beautiful types of treatments.

There is also the type of roman shade that gathers when lifted, those are available in a hobbled (tear drop) or flat style. These are some of the most popular shades we sell since they are available in so many fabrics and can add a lot of style to a room. Some drawbacks, the strings are usually visible from the exterior of the home. Since they gather when lifted they can take up a lot of space at the top of your window.

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