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Aluminum horizontal blinds are a smart decorating choice for a lot of reasons. For starters, their durable, spring-tempered slats bounce back even with rough handling. These blinds are also decorative and are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes.

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Practical Advice

Many people love these blinds; they are by far the most affordable and work well in residential and commercial applications. Some draw backs are since they are aluminum they are sprayed with a magnetic paint which also attracts dust and can make these types of blinds harder to clean.

If looking at a wider slatted mini blind you may want to consider the faux wood blinds instead.

Better Than Ever
The mini blinds are not what they used to be.

They still carry the same, sleek look for every window in your space.  But now, modern designs have made their functions simpler and easier.

One innovation is the cordless mini blinds with the lift lock option that allows you to pull the shades up or down with just a pinch.  Remove your fingers and the stack will stay where it is.

The cordless lift lock is durable and can withstand the many times you may need to raise or lower your mini blinds every day.

These cordless mini blinds are a lot safer and neater than former designs, giving you both style and peace of mind.

But if you want the mini blinds with cords, you can have those strings custom made to the length that you prefer.  We also have a cord tensioner that takes away the danger of children and pets getting tangled with the strings.

Or you can choose the version with the combination cord-wand that operates the mini blinds.  With just this single wand, you can pull the shades up and down as well as twist them open or close.

Motorized custom mini blinds do away with having to touch the blind altogether.  It is the safest option as well as the most practical for windows that are too high, too low, or just plain out of reach.

If your view outside is too beautiful to hide, we now have aluminum blinds that allow for a larger view of the outdoors.  Slats join together to give you twice the opening and the sunshine.

Formerly, releasing the mini blinds from their stack was sudden and sometimes damaging to the cord and frame.  But now, better engineering has given us the technology to guarantee that your custom mini blinds always slide down gently, levelly, and smoothly.

Don’t forget the colors.  There is now a whole giant palette of them to choose from.

No longer would you have to settle for a color that’s almost what you want.  Warren Blinds will wow you with swatches of color shades, finishes, and textures.  We carry the color you wish, and you can even choose between matte, pearlescent, and the classic metallic.

Slat sizes range from half inch, 1 inch, or 2 inches.

Because they’re metal, mini blinds are sturdier than shades.  The aluminum can either have a 6 or 8 gauge, which simply means that the thickness is a .006” or a .008”.

We offer different slat thicknesses for your needs.  The higher the gauge, the more resistant the aluminum mini blinds are to bending and warping.  You’ll find that the quality of the materials used makes for durable slats that will always bounce back into its shape.

Modern aluminum mini blinds have quality head and bottom rails guaranteed not to bow even with the passing of time.  These headrails are so strong that they can carry multiple custom mini blinds across a 152” window.

You can never go wrong with the modern and yet classic, aluminum mini blinds.
Classy But Not Costly
Aluminum blinds have that subtle, minimalist presence that makes them blend in well no matter what theme you have in your room.

They’re not intrusive and will never look awkward even with outside mounting.

What makes custom mini blinds more significant is that they allow you to have the ability to control the amount of light you let into your space.  And that’s important because you need to feel comfortable in your own home or office.  Having the right amount of light is a big part of that.

Slats can tilt to any angle you prefer.  With just a small adjustment, you can choose to let the sun fill your room completely, diffuse it with our sheer addition, or darken with a complete close.

What has been maintained all this time, too, is the fact that mini blinds have all these functions and yet they’re durable and budget-friendly.  There’s no need to choose different kinds of window treatments for kitchens and bathrooms as aluminum mini blinds are splash-proof.

Only a few other kinds window treatments can compare to the aluminum blinds’ ability to withstand daily wear and tear.

They have been the number one choice of window treatments for households as well as most offices, RV’s, and even boats for decades.  And they will continue to be so as they stay trendy and affordable regardless of how many windows you have in your home or office.

Aluminum mini blinds are true quality and style that fits your budget.
Tilt Up or Tilt Down?
It’s not a trick question.  It’s been on the minds and in the middle of arguments of a lot of horizontal mini blinds users for many, many years.  As trivial as it may seem, people are still unsure which way to tilt those slats.

It’s a matter of privacy.  Mini blinds are easy to close with a twist of the wand.  But if they’re left with just a sliver of light to pass through, you’re left wondering if you let somebody, a neighbor or a prowler maybe, see what they shouldn’t see.

If you’re occupying the first floor of a building, closing the slats pointing face down from the inside of the room would ensure that people outside won’t see anything except your ceiling.

Being on the second floor, however, would require you to tilt the slats upwards so the view from down below is totally obscured.

Try it.  Open your internal lights at night and observe from the outside of the window or door using the angles mentioned above.  As long as your mini blinds’ slats are aligned well and all facing the correct direction, the methods above should work perfectly.

Here’s a further solution.  Where privacy and light control were always the goals and the issues, now these issues are put to rest with the modern mini blinds design.  Slats close narrower than before at .44mm.  Route holes are now practically non-existent, providing for the right amount of room darkening and privacy when you need it.
How To Clean Mini Blinds
Cleaning mini blinds is a breeze with our dust-resistant finish.  They are anti-static, meaning you get less buildup of those allergy-causing dust and grime over time.

You only need to maintain them by regularly wiping them with a duster or soft cloth.  You can also use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.  With regular maintenance cleaning, your aluminum blinds will always look like they’re brand new.

For deep cleaning mini blinds, you can use a spray degreaser which you can gently rinse away after letting the compound sit for a few minutes.  Then do the other side.

For this method, you’ll have to remove the blinds and place them outside.  They should be tilted a bit after rinsing so they can drip dry.

For more tips and tricks, ask us.  Warren Blinds will guide you on how to properly care for your custom mini blinds so you can optimize their use for years and years to come.
Call The Pros
You might not be aware that some products will not make the required depth for an inside mount installation, or there are obstructions that will hinder you from using your window and product properly once installed.

Warren Blinds spots these right away and will go the extra mile to accommodate you.

We listen.  We will get your preferences, match it with your space, and help you narrow the choices down with our courteous team of window treatments pros.

Our professional designers are ready to create that custom look.  We will guide you through the process of selecting the right mini blinds color, finish, thickness, slat size, and control feature.

We will measure your window or door correctly and come back to install the custom mini blinds efficiently and speedily.

We will motorize, if you wish, the mini blinds according to your preferences.  You can have a dedicated remote control or the phone application which allows you to manipulate the mini blinds even when you’re not at home.

We’ll even help you program to follow the set times you want for raising and lowering your blinds.

Count on Warren Blinds.  We have years of experience in window treatments and installations, including custom mini blinds.

Decorative tapes?  Matching designer draperies?  Oddly shaped or shallow windows?  Competitive prices?

You have the questions and we’ve got the answers.
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